About XXImo in the Box

Business mobility is an important driver of human society. As a technology leader, XXImo wants to improve and accelerate developments in the mobility market in terms of technology, sustainability and flexibility. For over 10 years, we have developed and supplied solutions that benefit corporate mobility policies. We also supply this technology to resellers so they can expand their range of products and services. Through this process, we have developed a package of high-quality payment and admin tools along with a wide network of partners and a high level of compliancy.


To improve and accelerate progress in the mobility market even further, XXImo now offers its solutions in modular form to other mobility enterprises. With these components, they can develop and launch their own products and services faster.


That’s XXImo in the Box.

Full compliance everywhere

All XXImo in the Box systems and solutions meet the highest compliancy standards. These include all certifications relating to data protection, secure pan-European payments, payment card systems and ISO standards. We’ve also secured VAT rulings in every country you may want to operate, both now and in the future. All this enables a wide range of applications so you can offer your product or service to customers with peace of mind.

The engine for your mobility enterprise

As a technology leader, XXImo believes that in the mobility market, continuous change is inevitable and constant improvement is essential. We want to support a mobility market that benefits society by being efficient, flexible and cost-effective. A market in which every mobility enterprise should be able to participate, whether you’re an established player or a new start-up.

That’s why we developed XXImo in the Box:

A single, modular, future-proof platform that’s accepted by a wide network of partners. With its own transaction and administration system, it enables mobility service providers to meet any challenge relating to compliance, payment, administration and partnership. As result, XXImo in the Box helps shorten time-to-market and reduce investment costs. If you want to accelerate your mobility innovation, look inside the box.


To find out more about how XXImo in the Box can accelerate your mobility technology, feel free to contact us. We will be back in touch very soon.

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