XXImo’s Admin in the Box

With a mobility solution, you need to be able to fully monitor and manage transactions. This not only applies to solution providers so they can enhance and refine their offering, it also applies to customers and their employees so they can plan and manage their travel activities.

You’re in control

The XXImo in the Box platform gives you secure, real-time access to all customer and transaction data. Available as standalone components, our admin software’s high functionality enables you to process and manage payments as well as generate detailed reports. What’s more, its fully customizable permission structure allows you to control who can access and change what data. This enables you to offer secure access tools to customers. These include dashboards that allow mobility managers to implement mobility policies and monitor mobility budgets. Dashboards also enable call centers to support end users. In addition, XXImo in the Box admin software includes mobility apps that employees can use to monitor their travel.


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